The Russian group of companies AgroTerra ranks among the leaders in high-powered crop production through the application of innovative technologies and creation of a network of partners by bringing together neighboring mid-sized and small agricultural producers. The crop yield is stored at 19 bases and elevators with a total capacity of over 500,000 tons. The AgroTerra Integrator Center offers our partners a full range of services from financing and agro-consultations to crop purchases.


What is the LAND to us? On the one hand, it's arable land, on the other, it's the planet. To us, caring for the land means acting today for a better tomorrow.

The main crops produced by the company’s 32 farms are:



Sugar beet



In 2016, the company was the first partner to join the Russian Grain Network


Currently, AgroTerra cultivates over 200,000 hectares of land in the Tula, Ryazan, and Penza regions, as well as in four regions of Central Chernozem: Kursk, Tambov, Lipetsk and Orel.

The farms work with the latest brand-name, high-performance equipment from established manufacturers: John Deere, Claas, Amazone, New Holland, Case, Amity, and others. AgroTerra is a part of the Russian Grain Union, and is also a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform.


The third-leading soybean producer in the Central Black Earth Region.


Among Russia's 15 leaders in terms of arable land, cultivating more than 200,000 hectares.


Ranked 26th among Russia's best employers, the only one agribusiness at that level.


The AgroTerra Integrator is helping the development of some 80 local agribusinesses.


Some 2,150 modern units of equipment produced by John Deere, CLAAS, Rostselmash and others are being used to cultivate 1,500 fields.