Foreign trade of Bio wheat and soybeans

Our observations

The demand in the international market is growing and will always be high on good quality wheat and organic soybeans.

The main activities of this segment of the business are the purchase and sale of bio-wheat and soybeans on the foreign market as well as hedging of crop prices and insurance of annual operational risk in the external market.

AgroTerra and other companies, being ready to sell high quality products to the foreign market, will be able to receive a ready and reliable buyer in the person of our company that acts as an intermediary and in turn guarantee the success of the transaction and the fulfillment of the conditions, it helps to find a reliable final buyer and sell products on the foreign market at the best prices.

The second sub-segment is the activity related to the hedging of the price of future crops, which is provided by the formation of a portfolio of financial instruments. Also, the holding company at the group level insures annual operational risks and can provide the guarantor's services to the companies under our control.